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Thank you for choosing Jennifer Sparks, LPC, NCC, CSAT, SEP to assist you with your counseling goals!  I am committed to providing you my best efforts and care, and looking forward to developing a therapeutic relationship that encourages you to attain your personal goals.  I will make every effort to earn and honor your trust.  

My hope is that you will be as comfortable as possible as you move through this important journey in your life.  I will provide a safe, comfortable, and casual environment, so come as you are!  Therapy is personal…and we will work together to make your process yours, and discover what works best for you and your life.  I am committed to walking alongside you, supporting you, cheering you on and challenging you!    

One major goal of therapy is to help you identify and effectively cope with the problems in daily living.  This includes exploring internal and external conflicts which may be disrupting your ability to effectively function in life.  As well, therapy includes learning to tolerate distress and to regulate emotional experiences, in order to attain a more stable mood.

Additionally, an essential goal of therapy is to assist you in becoming responsible for your life.  Taking responsibility and making choices in life are both empowering and rewarding.  These actions begin in the therapeutic environment, and become more and more fulfilling as you begin to transfer them into your daily experiences.

It is refreshing to experience healing, growth and change.  I look forward to sharing with you as you find these things in a safe and comfortable place!

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